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Please select if you want full color printing on one side or both sides. 4/4 and 4/0 are printing trade designations for a printed piece with four colors (full color) on the front side and four colors (full color) printing or zero (no printing) on the back side.



   Because of limitations with the gang run printing process, the accuracy of color reproduction is not guaranteed. Only select this option if you are looking for a specific color match custom run with proofs that will not gang up with other jobs.

   Holes can be drilled into your print job to accommodate binder or a string for tags. Standard size for holes is 1/4 inch for a binder and 3/16 inch for a tag. Please choose the size that fits your need.

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hang tag printing

Premium Hangtag Printing

We help you with Hangtag printing that is meant to stand out from your competitors. If you or your business are introducing a new product, concentrating on selling a selected product, or making an attempt to spice up overall recognition of the brand, this can be an efficient way to getting the work done. Hang Tag could be an excellent way to help you in your brand promotions.

At 4Print, we understand the importance of getting the right marketing products printed professionally. The standard of your hang tags could be a direct reflection of your business. If the tags seem poor and obscure, all your marketing efforts go in vain, which hurts not only your sales but also your company's reputation. We’re here to confirm that doesn’t happen.

Personalized hangtags for your business

Our team of experts focuses on hangtag printing that will stand out and coveys the message you wish to convey to customers. Therefore we discuss it with you before we start. We understand your business, your marketing goals and your ideas behind the clothing hang tags.

Whether or not you’ve already created a hang tag that you’re glad about or would like a touch of help, we’ll guide you in each step of the process.  Therefore you receive a finished product they can’t wait to begin exploitation. We take quality seriously at 4Print. We aim to gift you with an unflawed hang tag printing, as a result of we strive our best to satisfy our customers.

Custom Hang Tag Printing

4Print offers custom hang tags printing of the best quality, designed to fulfill the wants of your business. Our prints ought to please your customers. Proper looking product Hang tags can be an attention-grabbing promotion material. Get the best custom printed hang tags. We also make custom hang tags for clothing.

We’re proud to be a partner you'll be able to trust. Some printers work in super speedy turnaround times. However, that’s not how we operate as we prefer quality first. Our team eventually meets deadlines. We make sure that we give our selves the right amount of time to provide the best hang tag printing for you.

It’s our goal to supply you with impressive output each time you work with us. 4Print takes pride in giving customized client service. Unlike many firms who modify almost all of their processes, which usually leads to errors and confusion.

Graphic Design Services for Hangtag

No designers to put your promotion idea on screen? Worry not! Our team of professional graphic designers who will help you create a beautiful hang tag design with bright colors and legible font. We make sure that the hang tags reflect your brand identity and convey the message you want to speak out.  Choose us for your next business event or advertising campaign as we provide both - Graphic Design Service and Printing Services.

For the best Hangtag Printing Service, 4Print is the one-stop solution. Hangtag is not just an element of advertisement but gives the first impression of your business. We make sure that it gives the right impression. If you are seeking for the best Hang tag Printing Service, think of 4Print.

Product Details

  • Available Hang Tag Paper or Stock
Options Available for Hang Tag
  • Shrink Wrapping

Templates & Specifications

  • SIZE(W x H)Photoshop