Please select the quantity of the same artwork you would like printed. For example, if you are looking for two different designs printed of 500 each, you will have to place two separate orders of 500, not one order of 1000.

Please select the size or the dimensions of your product in inches. The width is defined as the first dimension and the height should be the second dimension. (WIDTH x HEIGHT)

Please select if you want full color printing on one side or both sides. 4/4 and 4/0 are printing trade designations for a printed piece with four colors (full color) on the front side and four colors (full color) printing or zero (no printing) on the back side.

Please select the paper you would like your printing product printed on. The most common available are 16pt Extra Thick C2S Cardstock,12pt Thick C2S Cardstock, 100# Gloss Text Paper, and 60# Uncoated Offset Paper

Please select the coating you would like over your printing product. UV High Gloss Coating is a high gloss coating like you would see on the cover of a magazine while Gloss Aqueous Coating will have a gloss, but not as shiny.

   Because of limitations with the gang run printing process, the accuracy of color reproduction is not guaranteed. Only select this option if you are looking for a specific color match custom run with proofs that will not gang up with other jobs.

Additional Options

If you have a 4Print offer code, please enter it here to receive special discount pricing. Restrictions may apply.

Turnaround estimates do not include shipping Please select the turnaround speed you require for your printing order. Turnaround varies based on the type of turnaround you select and options selected when ordering. All times begin from the day we receive your files, your job is paid, and sent to print. Saturday, Sunday, and holidays do not count as business days.
Economy: 7 Business Days
Regular: 3 Business Days
Rush: 2 Business Day
Super Rush: 1 Business Day
Most Options Add 1-2 Business Days

  • 7 Working Days
  • 5 Working Days
  • 2 Working Days
  • 1 Working Days

magnet printing

Personalized Magnet Printing

Magnet printing is a great way to place your brand, products & services in front of targeted prospects. The magnetic paper stock will make your message stick. All magnets are available in preset & custom sizes.

We offer custom printed magnets, labels & stickers to support small and big advertisers from various industrial sectors to increase their brand value. 4Print is the leading designer, printer, manufacturer and retail supplier of custom refrigerator magnets, shape magnets, car magnets, photo magnets, stickers & labels.

Build your Marketing Strategy with Magnets

Take your ads to the next level by printing out custom magnet printing. Convert your vehicles into moving billboards through car magnets. You can easily replace your signs without ruining your car’s paint job. Roll around town & have everyone take notice.

Print "save the date" magnets as you would do invitation cards for birthdays, weddings, business events, & other special occasions.

Increase your promotions at home with refrigerator magnets. This way, your business data is always on display. This makes them perfect for restaurants, gardening businesses, and more. Once they are placed on the fridge, it is unlikely they will be taken off, making them a decent investment.

Business card magnets are excellent for any professional who wishes to have their data always within reach. Unlike conventional business cards, these are always on exhibit whether in lockers or any metallic surface in office cubicles.

Custom Magnet Printing

High-quality magnets will hold your word and offer a unique way to advertise your business. 4Print makes magnets that are printed on strong, durable magnetic stock using the latest technology in the printing industry.

Custom magnets are a magnificent way to market your business, product or an event such as trade show, because they can be deployed on refrigerators,  on cabinets, on cars, and more. Magnets are not only for business. Magnets are also for fun. Try personalized magnets for a unique save-the-date magnet for a wedding or special events such as an anniversary or birthday.

Graphic Design Services

Our team of professional graphic designers who will help you create a magnet printing design with bright colors and legible font. We make sure that the magnets reflect your brand identity and convey the message you want to speak out.  Choose us for your next business event or advertising campaign as we provide both - Graphic Design Service and Printing Services.

For the best Magnet Printing Service, 4Print is the one-stop solution. Banner is not just an element of advertisement but gives the first impression of your business. If you are seeking for the best Magnet Printing Service, think of 4Print.

Product Details

  • Available Magnet Paper or Stock
  • 17pt Magnet (limited hold/indoor)
  • Paper or Stock Coatings
  • High UV Gloss on ONE SIDE
  • None
Options Available for Magnet
  • Corner Rounding
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Paper Banding

Templates & Specifications